Photo Of Samjhana

Biography of Samjhana Adhikari

My introduction

I am Samjhana Adhkari from Ratnanagar municipility,Chitwan-district,Nepal. My nation has beauty and pride in itself.I am the daughter of Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Adhikari and Mrs. Sita Adhikari. I was born on 14th Janaury 1997. I belong to the small family consisting of my parents and my small brother. I spend my childhood and did my schooling in my birthplace that is Gorkha.From childhood my parents teach me about the value and truth of life so, i beleve in doing hardworks. My parents always support me in every step of my life. I have more or less friend type of relation with my mother. She is very caring and understandable. She is only the person what i am today. We always share each and every problem and happiness with each other.I have a big dream to make my parents feel proud of myself as they are my source of love and inspiration and support.

My Educational Background

In regard to my educational background, i have completed my School Leaving Certificate(SLC) with goof marks from OCHSS,Gorkha Nepal in 2014.After the completion of school level i joined higher education and complete it in 2016 with remarkable marks. After the completion of my +2 i decided to move to the foreign land to further my study. In 2018, I passed IELTS test and decided my study destination to Australia for Bachelor in Information Technology. Currently, Iam studying Bachelor In Information Technology in Charles Sturt University.

My experience

Through my life time i have gain different experience, some are related about my study, my work amd my life in abrood, here in Australia.In regard to the educational field, i have experience of giving speech as i used to participate in the speech competation in my school level and up to today what i achieve in the field of education is my educational experience in the field of job, i have 1 year experience of Accountant in the local hospital in my country. If i need to talk about the experience of live in abroad , i spent abbout 1 years in Australia the live in here for international student is really strugling, we need to be totally independent and need to earn for our study and living expenses.The onlyexperience I gain after coming here is to be on time and not to depend on others.Even though i got the experience of different jobs here in Australia ranging from Waiterss to Retail assistance.

My source of motivation

First of all, what i am today is all because of my parents, and they are the main source of love and motivation for me.As the time passes and i went through the different struggle in my life regarding to financial and many other.Even though today, i remember the day when i was really fraustrated because i was not able to achieve good marks in my SLC level what i want to achieve, at that movement the only person who was with me amd teach me that this is not th end of the life and there is long way to go was my Mother.She really help to heel my pain and give me motivation to move forward in my life.Even she teach me the real meaning of life that success is gain after failure and she also make me clear that there is success behind failure. She further help me to know that we must take our each failure in a positive way and move forward in the life.

My hoobies

Hobbies acutally means habit. Each and every person have different hobies in their life.The hobies differ from childhood to younger stages. In my case i also have differnt hobies which are listed below.