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My name is Suranga Ekanayaka Mudiyanselage. I Was born on 9th of September 1988 in Colombo Sri Lanka. Im the third child of my family consisting of two sisters and one brother. When I was five years old, I started my studies from the pre school and still continuing while following the bachelors in information technology at Charles Stuart University.

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After I’m done with my studies My mind took me towards a Government job. My preference for the promotions were increased and I changed my mind to do further studies in Australlia. My six years experienced in computer operator role bring forward me to understand the value of money and gave me the ability to train myself to look on the better side of the life instead of focusing on problems.

My mind is always looking for a change and I am more likely to go on camping’s and hikes. These journeys became a part of my life and I used to collect photos and memories as my hobby. I am a nature lover and I have a good collection of this memories. I think I’m spending part in my life in Australia.

I’m hoping to become a professional in IT field and to work with the recognized IT company to share my knowledge in rest of my life. I’m looking forward for a good company to convey my knowledge for their future success.

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