Hello! My name is Sarah and I want to be a Software Developer.

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Last week I did my first Website Migration. A young beauty blogger asked for help to migrate her existing Webbly Blog to the much more use-friendly WordPress CRM. To achieve a smooth transition and not to disrupt her blogging business, I created a WordPress Test site and after extracting her blog feed from Weebly, I imported the feed into WordPress using the All Importer plugin. Everyhting went great and I soon could change the server addresses from her domain name from Weebly to the new WordPress site, so that her domain name would be the same.
Here a few comments from her:

"I'm so crap when it comes to this IT stuff!"

"I signed up to do this Blogger Boss online course so I could be a blog whiz! - Then realized I couldn't even get past the first step ☹"

"Thanks for working so hard on this! Really appreciate it - I know you've put in more than an hour's work which is why I feel bad."