About Me

To accomplish career progression inside the worldwide business, industry or expert relationship by contributing towards the goals of the association through using my own qualities, specialized abilities and learning, while looking after Professionalism, and look for open doors for development and progression inside an expert condition, boosting specialized abilities and building solid companion and customer connections.

Contact Details

kommu sumanth kumar

113,Burlington st, okaleigh, vic 3166 Mobile: 0449697229

Mobile: 0449697229
vEmail: sumanth1212@yahoo.com.


University of Life

Master in networking sep 2018

Pursuing Masters of Information Technology Professional at Charles Sturt University, Melbourne, Victoria.


Bachelor of electronics and communicaion engineering



software 2015 - Present

I have 2 year's of experience in software development MOSTLY IN C,JAVA,PYTHON.


BP 2016 - February 2010

i am having experience in BP PETROL station.


Key Skills At work Target oriented investigate the offers of the market and set an outcome arranged target and set month to month target and Annual Target. Branding and advancement of offers. Maintaining cleanliness at most standards Communication Efficient in both written and verbal communication. Experienced in addressing little and substantial gatherings at both college and through at work. Created archives, for example, Electrical/Electronic gear working methods as a feature of assignments and college last year extend for which great outcomes have been obtained. Team Work Significant experience working co-operatively in teams of up to 6 people when working on group assignments at university and through employment. Demonstrated ability to train new employees in customer service skills, money transactions and conflict resolution through part time employment. Strengths: Quick learner Team worker Fluent in languages English, Hindi, Telugu,urdu Place: Melbourne, Victoria.