Shirish Maharjan

Shirish Maharjan



My name is Shirish Maharjan. I come from a distant land called Nepal. Lalitpur, Nepal to be more specific. As a 2000's kid I was into playing Nintendo Gameboy, watching Dragon Ball Z and listening to punk rock music. I graduated high school from my home town of Patan. Visit Patan if you wish. If not, it's your loss.

I arrived at Sydney on 14th February 2016. It has almost been a year but I am still settling in. Sydney is a beautiful place. However, it is completely different from where I am from. I dont just mean in terms of infrastructure but I also mean in terms of culture(obviously) and geography. Where I am from it is full of hills and mountains. The valley of Kathmandu where Lalitpur lies is surrounded by big hills and tall snowy mountains in the north. This is probably the thing that I miss the most. Yes, the hills and the mountains. And right now the cool weather as well. People say Sydney's weather is the best but I think they are wrong I believe Kathmandu, Nepal has the best weather in the world. Sorry people of the world. I will have to disagree with you guys on this one and a lot of other as well.

Anyways I think for now this is all I have for you guys. If you want to know me better just contact me via the contact details given in the contact menu which you can see above.

I now conclude this awesome introduction of myself. I hope you have a wonderful time ahead

Thank You note

I would like to thank everyone from Charles Sturt University for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to thank my Lecturer Ms Fatima Furqan.

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