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Pokemon is a franchise consisting of video games, anime, card games, manga and other media that focuses on fictional creatures known and Pokemon and their world. The franchise originated from the initial video games, Red and Green (Red and Blue worldwide) which were created by Satoshi Tajiri and released in Japan in early 1996. The series was soon expanded to include a trading card game, and a series of manga which initially released during late 1996. An amime based on the already existing series was first broadcast on April 1, 1997 in Japan, and a translated version began broadcasting in September 1998 in the United States.

A follow up game was released in September 1998 called Pokemon Yellow. This version was based upon the anime and featured characters that were created in the anime. Yellow featured the Pokemon, Pikachu as the player's only possible starting pokemon. Pikachu is the franchises chief mascot and is featured on many of the products from different form of media within the Pokemon franchise.

A Pikachu, one of many hundreds of Pokemon.

Pokemon are fictional creatures, which often resamble real animals or even inanimate objects such as rocks,, that humans interact with. They can be caught in pokeballs by humans, known as a pokemon trainer, and raised (or trained) to gain better skills and attacks for fighting other trainers in battle. Trainers raise many pokemon, carrying 6 at a time, to interact with the environment and perform tasks or battle. In the games pokemon can be trained to increase levels until level 100, many pokemon will evolve into other creatures that are related to them, which are essentually higher powered version of the former Pokemon. Pokemon and their attacks fall into 17 different catagories, known as types. Different types are "super effective" or "not very effective" against each other when using attacks.

There has been 20 international releases of main series games on the Game Boy and its successors since the original two games, as well as over 50 spin of games on various consoles. There has currently been 741 episodes made of the pokemon anime, which have been split into 15 season of approximately 52 episodes outside of Japan in the international dubbed version. There has also been 15 movies made based on the anime, which feature characters from the anime and often fit in with the timeline as well.

A brief overview of the video games and anime of the franchise can be found in the appropriate pages of this site. Further information about any other parts of the franchise can be found at the following websites.

Wikipedia: Pokemon

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