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I am Sendil vel and I am from southern part of India named as Telangana.

I can speak English, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi fluentl y.

I am married at age of 23 and i have a kid who turns 2 years old in the month of june.

I have completed my Graduation in 2010 and now pursuing masters @ 2017.

I own an experience of 5 years as Process specialist being an one stop guy for any technical issue for the product dealt with!

My Educational Journey

Charles Sturt University

When you study at CSU, you get an internationally recognised qualification and much more - you get an Australian experience like no other. I am currently pursuing my masters in melbourne campus which is a student study centre. My stream is of Networking based and this helps me in acquiring knowledge on how a Network works and how to solve Network related issues. This college helps the students to understand all the subjects by explaining it with appropriate examples.

Job Experience

In & Out of My work experince

I have started my career as Analyst having a daily activity of calling the customers and verifying their business details.

Yes! you might have got an idea! My Second job is Analyst was under Google Maps.

ENJOYING THOSE TOUGH TIMES DURING initial days was a fruitful experience

Before this job, I had to join a Level 4 software company named as "paramount solutions" with a zeal of becoming software tester. Post three months, the company was shutdown and hence the Google job. I have total of 5 years of experience as Process specialist, with lots of awards and recognition certificates rewarded for the excellence of the work done. This organization was very close as my career I was moved from specialist (level 1) to Process Specialist (Level 4) While transitioning between the levels, got to meet different mentalities of team mates and their journey with me for the coming years.

My Hobbies

Hobbies to list!

SKill Set

Since 2010 (start of my career), i had to go through many trainings and get more knowledge as to fight with competetive world. Below are my few skills that have passed through!


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