Shubham Patel

About Me

My Name Portrait I am Shubham Patel. I belong to State of Gujarat from India. Here, I am as an international student of Charles Sturt University. I received the BE (Bachelor of Engineering) degree in Electronics and communication from GTU (Gujarat Technological University). After the competition of my study, I had started my first job as Testing Engineer with the vendor of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Additionally I occupied the experience of coding and programming with PLC for automation. Moreover, for my bright career and getting deep knowledge of computer networking I joined InfoTech system ltd as IT engineer. And now, I am in Australia again for my bright future.

My Career Path

Alcohol Detection with Vehical Controlling
Yes, as I mentioned in my project title "Alcohol detection with vehical controlling". This project is performed by me and My friend Bhargav during last semester of my bachelor of engineering in Electronics and communication. We have worked togather to prepare one hardware device that works based on embadded progrmming. In this design, we have arrange the smell sensor which is detect smell of alcohol if the car driver has been drunk condition. In addition, we designed sefty and control system such as GPS system for incase of accident will happen which is send location to authorised organisation for emmergency.
My Current Study
I am studing Master of Information Technology (MIT) in Charles Sturt University, Malbourne. I have been 8 month to stay in Melbourne and I realy apriciate the way that how the feculties of my university are teaching and what way they teach us. I have completed my “Enlglish for academic perpose” with decent experience of Australian english environment from Study group. After that I admited in first semester of MIT and obtain good greads.
My Goal for
I want to work with multinational company such as Telstra as IT networking engineer. Because, I get good environment for doing work well and getting good experience and knowledge of IT industry.