Sashin Shakya:THE PROFILE

thats me

Brief Introduction:

I am an undergraduate student studying Bachelors in Information Technology in Charles Sturt University.I arrived in Australia about 2 years ago to pursue my studies. Since I landed here, I have learnt so many things such as to be more independent, take decisions, accept responsibility and many more. I also gained valuable work experience as I am employed part time. I have high expectations for myself after I graduate.

Educational Background:

  1. School(year 1-10):GEMS School
  2. High School(year 11-12):GEMS Institute of Higher Education
  3. Bachelors Degree:Charles Sturt University

Skills and Experience:

  1. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom
  2. Java
  3. HTML
  4. Customer Service Personel
  5. Barista
  6. Graphic Designer


Generally, I have interest in numerous things. I will mention a few.
First and foremost, I am interested in playing soccer.Whenever I get the chance to play i will.
Besides that, I love to listen to podcasts talking about some conspiracy theories, space and life in general.
And yeah the most important one "SLEEP."