Sachitha Wijesundara

IT Engineer

Hellow..!! Nice to meet you..

Myself is a self assured web designer with many years of experience in web site designing. I have profieciency in coding both HTMAL and XHTMAL and also JAVA script writing. I’m also have expertise on sever side script languages as well. Also, I have knowladge on different frame works and database skills. I have manifested my acapability in HTMAL / XHTMAL coding, Script writing, severe side script writing and also on different frameworks and database skills. My objective is to carry out my profession as a web designer with huge experience on varied severe scripts and along with that to carry out my higher education in the same field. In my perspective, im carrrying out my profession as a web designer not only as a source of income, but also to make my working experince pleasurable t for my life by developing more outstanding and professional websites. Considering above mentioned professional goals and objectives, I have identified the skills that must have to be succussful in my profession. While having my professional skills, I also have developed skills such as working in a team environment, effective communocation as well as project managemt. I love developing things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinscically fun to tackle, I’m most attracted in solving real customer problems with a buisiness justification I’m looking for a role where I can take on cooperative team leadership responsibilities, and gain experince with architechture and project management.

Look what I can do

  • Web Designing
  • C++
  • SQL