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Tim Bell

I am a computer science student at CSU, graduating this year. I live in Melbourne, Australia; and next year i will be working at IE Digital as a Graduate Web Developer.

Other than computer science, my favourite things to do are:

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Fractal Explorer

A web app that allows the user to explore the Mandelbrot set and Juiia sets.

Javascript │ WebGL │ HTML │ CSS

picture of mandelbrot set

Space Invaders

Android space invaders game

Java │ LibGDX

picture of mandelbrot set

Instant Messenger

Client-Server instant messenger application

Java │ JavaFX │ XMPP │ OpenFire

picture of instant messenger application

WebGL City

Simple city simulation

Javascript │ WebGL │ HTML │ CSS

picture of webgl city app

Numbers To Words

Convert numbers to words

Java │ HTML │ CSS

picture of numbers to words app