A little background


Welcome to my little page about myself, I do hope it is interesting for you. I was born and raised in the central western NSW town of Parkes in the 1970s, that's right the town of the Dish! Parkes was a great town to grow up in, eventually I moved to Sydney in the 1990s to undertake study at university. My first attempt, which was rudely disrupted by starting work as a systems administrator. My first University attempt was at Macquarie University

Working as a Unix systems administrator in the early 90s was rather interesting. My company was using Hewlett Packards HPUX, which I learnt with much passion. It was prior to ozemail, and other retail ISPs, so we had to purchase a dialup PPP internet access line from aarnet. I remember clearly how the open access HTML browswer was such competition to the various corporate information services available then, like compuserve etc. The speed of uptake in the early 90s was amazing

Eventually I joined an American computer storage vendor called EMC, and have been working with that company in various roles since 2000. Working at EMC has enabled me to spend 7 years working at the Tokyo, Japan office and numerous other customer visits and training in various locations around Asia and North America

But I had a great desire to complete academic study on Computer Science, so I have taken the opportunity to undertake the BComp via distance education at Charles Sturt University

I hope you find these simple pages interesting.

Bachelor of Computer Science

Charles Sturt University