Introducing the all new LSM 400 Linear Smith Machine Total Gym Solution in your home...

LSM400 Linear Smith Machine


Linear Smith Machines are the ultimate in weight machines and the LSM400 leads the field. Designed for both serious fitness users and beginners, the LSM400's vertical design provides all of the safety and control associated with Smith Machines, while still allowing for the effective use of gravity for effective resistance. You don't even need a workout partner. Lock points can be set to prevent the bar from movement outside of your body's natural range of motion.

You can tailor the LSM400 to meet you specific workout needs. Start with the basic package of the Smith Machine rack and, as your needs grow, add a lat/row, pec dec, plate tree, dip, and accessory organizer. Accessories are easy to insert and remove, allowing you to continue your workout without delay. The LSM400 works with all standard Olympic weight plates

The LSM400 is compact with all components place one side of the unit for easy access. This makes the LSM400 perfect for people who want a quality home gym, but do not have a lot of space. Place the LSM400 against a wall and you're ready to go!

Builtto last especiily for health-enthusiasts & daily heoros, with a 4-fourmula built it feature set that includes following precision, safety & life-time warranty . . .

Angle - The bar travels along a 7 degree path from vertical; proper lifting angle to increase your comfort and prevent injury.

Safety - The LSM400 has 20 lock-out points for a safe, solid stop at any point in your workout routine.

Rugged - Constructed with heavy 12 gauge steel and 7 gauge reinforcing plate. This is a unit built to last.

Warranty - Repair/ replacement warranty for every part of LSM400 life-time.

LSM 400 Linear Smith Machine now comes ready for a easy plug-n-play accessories set, do it yourself without a hassle - with easy installation guide . . .

Dimensions & Weight

Width from point A to B 85” inch(es)
Height 82” inch(es)
Depth 72” inch(es)
Weight 102lbs
Weight (W/B) 122lbs

Optional Attachments

Selectorized Lat/Row station (Part: MA831-4)
Pec Dec station (Part: MA218-6)
Dip station (Part: MA105-3)
Plate tree (Part: MA488-0)
Accessory organizer (MA212-1)
Workout DVD (MA051-1)
Workout poster (MA055-3)

Packaging & Shipping

Body Systems LSM400 Linear Smith Machine comes assembled in 101” x 120” x 98” standard box packaging. Local delivery is free and may take between 2-3 weeks. International shipping is handled by DHL Express and some fee may applicable. Learn rates here.

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