When I was a child my mother used to read books to me. She used to tell me stories encourage and help me grow with education, In my life, I have seen many people who are suffering in their lives because they are uneducated. I have been taught that education is the only way to succeed which, I have witnessed in my life and the education I have gained has even changed my life. I have already spent seventeen years of my life studying and still I want to succeed in my life.


After the completion of my Bachelor of Science in information technology (BSCIT) I wanted to be more practical so I worked 2 years in an IT company called “Radion Solution”. I had craved for more international learning in IT field. So, I Joined Charles Sturt University to complete my Master’s degree. I worked on programming languages such as C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual Basic, .NET technology like ASP.net, SQL, and HTML.