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About me

my name is vikram bhullar, i am from Punjab state in India. I have spent most of my life in my home country and now I came here in Austrlia to pursue my further studies. It have been a year since i moved to australia and i am loving my life here. I am still very young i am doing a bachelors degree over here in Charles sturt university. My life here is very busy as i have to do work and study and also prepare food for myself. But as i love to play basketball, i stll spare some time for that. I gather with my friends on every sunday and we play basketball for whole day and that gives me refreshment for a whole busy week. Back in india i used to play every day and i was the best player in my area. i was also selected for national team but unluckily i hurt myself in the training camp. After that i just played for fun and started focusing on my studies. Then i came to Australia to do bachelors of Information Technology.

My life motive

I have been following all the great personalities in the world since my childhood. My main motive is to be great so that people can recognize me anywhere i go. i want to be a successful enterpreneur and an inspiration for other. i want to be a millionaire and i am always thinking about that. i am always planning about what should i do in future to be financially independent. And after being a successful enterprenuer I would love to help poor and needy people by opening various charity organisations. And i would love to explore the whole word with my family to enjoy my life.