Hi i am vibushan.There are many people who are living in this world and everyone has different personalities. There are no two people who have the exactly same personalities. Everyone in this world is unique in their own ways. One’s personality is something that does not change which makes one unique and special. As for me, I am a responsible and sympathetic person, however, I am a self-centered person as well who may have made enemies with a lot of people.

About Me


I was always fascinated by engineering. Maybe it was an attempt maybe to get my father's respect or interest, or maybe it was just a genetic love of technology, but I was always trying to build things. .


BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with (Second class first division) (University of Sunderland –UK)

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Work Experience

Console Operator at Caltex.

Software developer at Metro Travels PVT.LTD

Trainee at CBA (Ceylon Business Appliance) PVT.LTD.

My Works

I am much motivated by customer delight, creative collaboration and innovation, and team success and learning.

Web Development

Web Developers build and maintain websites and web applications. This process can involve the creation of custom scripts to determine the layout and functionality of the site, as well as programming and content management.

Software Development

I have experience in the software field, but is most passionate about decision-support: smart software that blends data, graphics, and sophisticated algorithms to enable users to gain insight and make informed decisions.

Designing Electrical Systems

Evaluating electrical systems, products, components, and applications by designing and conducting research programs; applying knowledge of electricity and materials.

Software Testing

Executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product.

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