Welcome to Html. Vikranth 18/05/2017

Hi this is vikranth. currently pursuing Masters Of Information Technology at Charles Sturt University. About my achievements, I never made any achievements at state level. But in my schooling I got certificate in singing level competition. In college I got NSS certificate which I participated as volunteer in my 1st year of engineering. My ethic is "i never neglect an opportunity for my improvement".


My Resume

Carrer Objective

To work in professional environment where my academic excellence and skills contribute towards the achievement of the organization goals with advancement of my career.


Personal Abilities

  1. good learner
  2. hard worker
  3. flexible to work in any kind of environment
Job Title Company Name Duration
System administrator profetch 1year
team member big w 2 months
cleaner cafe 3 months
 Whoever loves much, performs much, 
       and can accomplish much, and 
       what is done in love is done well.