Welcome to My Unofficial Essendon Football Club Fansite

Hi fellow Bomber fans! My name's Wayne and this is my site dedicated to the mighty Essendon Football Club.

I have been a proud Bombers supporter since I was born in 1971. This came about when my Dad told me at the age of about one month that I had no choice but to barrack for the Essendon Football club. He has been following the club all his life so he decided all his children were going to follow in his foot steps. The reason why my father followed the Bombers was when he played Australian Rules Football he played for the Bairnsdale Redlegs who wore identical jumpers to the Essendon Football Club.

The most memorable event while I have been supporting the Bombers would have to be the 2000 Grand Final. Not only did the Bombers win the premiership in style they rewrote the history books with many records. The most significant record was that the team only lost one game throughout the whole season. What made the Grand Final special to me was that my Dad and myself attended the day and witnessed our football team win the ultimate prize "The Holy Grail".

What also made the day special was that team management stopped playing the team song half way through the 2000 season. They decided to use this as a motivational tool to win the premiership, as the song would be only sung if they had won the grand final. So after the final siren sounded all the players formed circle in the middle of the ground and sung the song with so much pride. It was a very special moment and a memory that I will never forget.

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On this fansite you can find out some general history about this great club or check out the 2006 season draw which includes the standings of the season so far.

I have also profiled three of my favourite players and also provided a full listing of the senior team representing the Bombers in the 2006 Australian Football League competition.

A great source of information about the Essendon Football club is also available at the club's official website or the website of the Australian Football League.

Some material used in building this site has been provided by other web sites and links to these sites can be found in the reference section.