Personal Portfolio: Wayne Barker

Cyber Security Advisor - Mortgage Broker


My career has spanned across two differing professions, financial and information technology. I spent over twenty five years with the financial sector and roughly fourteen years in the cyber security field. I have extensive experience in both of these professions and my enthusiasm to achieve is a key to my motivation. Following are some highlights of each career.

Cyber Security Advisor

The Department of Industry

I have been employed in the Cyber Security sector for the past ten years which is my primary employment and focus. I am employed by a Federal Goverment agency as their Cyber Security advisor and report directly to the Chief Information Security Officer. I have gained extensive experience is this field and obtained many industry qualifications. Some of the major deliverables of my position are:

Mortgage Broker

Virtue Finance

I have gained extensive skills and experience over the last 25 years in the financial and banking profession. I started my carreer with the Commonwealth Bank and after ten years with the company decided to leave and establish a mortage broking business. I have many financial qualifications and skills that I continue to employ through my involvement in the financial sector. Following are some key roles of my mortgage broker offering: